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Unleashed is free for
PenTeleData Partner
Broadband customers.

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Wi-Fi Hot Spot

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What can your customers do with PenTeleData Unleashed wireless Internet access?
Unleashed provides your customers with high-speed, reliable Internet access, so they can enjoy all the same benefits that high-speed Internet access at home offers. Unleashed wireless hotspots provide FREE access to existing PenTeleData Partner Broadband Customers and can be purchased via credit card for a nominal fee per day until midnight or per month.

Features & Benefits for facilities
  • Unit has a small footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Each unit covers 150 - 300ft around the unit (radius)
  • Fully supported & maintained by PenTeleData
  • Bring more customers into your facility
  • Keep customers longer
  • Be on the cutting edge of technology

PenTeleData is proud to introduce wireless Internet access hotspots throughout our service footprint.

With the entrepreneurial spirit and assistance of facilities like yours, PenTeleData can offer wireless Internet services to our existing high-speed Internet customers as well as anyone with wireless equipment and a credit card.

The Unleashed devices consume very minimal power and provide wireless Internet connectivity within a 150-300 foot radius around them. By hosting an Unleashed wireless hotspot, you can attract customers to your facility and keep them there longer as they enjoy high-speed wireless Internet access. Having an Unleashed hotspot at your facility also keeps you on the cutting edge of technology. Host venues/facilities are responsible for providing PenTeleData with one standard power receptacle at the location of the hotspot.

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Powered by PenTeleData

<> High-speed, reliable Internet Access
<> Free for PenTeleData Partner Broadband Customers
<> Service plans for non-PenTeleData Broadband customers-daily and monthly
<> Ability to connect to corporate VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
<> Use a PDA, laptop, or Wi-Fi phone to access the Internet, e-mail