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How to configure your laptop to use PenTeleData Unleashed (Autodetect)

These detailed documents will instruct you on how to configure your laptop computer using Windows XP Service Pack 2 to utilize the PenTeleData Unleashed service.
Please note that if you are not using Windows XP Service Pack 2, you will need to consult the documentation or manufacturer of your wireless networking equipment for configuration instructions.
1. Click on "Start" and then click on "Control Panel."
2. Next, click on "Network and Internet Connections."
3. Next, click on "Network Connections."
4. If your wireless network card is properly installed, you will see a wireless network connection listed. If you do not see your wireless adapter, your wireless network card is not being properly detected. Please contact your computer manufacturer or network card vendor for assistance.

Next, right-click on the wireless network adapter and click on "View Available Wireless Networks."
5. The "Wireless Network Connection" window will open. Set your SSID to "Unleashed-PublicInet-PenTeleData". Refer to your Wi-Fi card instructions for details on how to configure an SSID. Click on the "Connect" button in the bottom right corner of the window.

If you do not see "Unleashed-PublicInet-PenTeleData" listed, click HERE.
6. Once connected, you are now ready to sign up or use the PenTeleData Unleashed service.

For login instructions, click HERE.