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How to log on to PenTeleData Unleashed

This document will instruct all users including PenTeleData Broadband and new users on how to log on to the PenTeleData Unleashed service from any PenTeleData Unleashed hotspot. Additional help is available via links throughout the sign up and login process.
1. To sign up or login, open any website and you will be directed to the PenTeleData Unleashed login page. You should see the PenTeleData Unleashed login page in place of your normal Internet home page. If this does not happen, type the following URL into your browser's address bar: http://www.ptd.net

If the login page does not load, please click the 'refresh' button in your web browser.

You may encounter two security warnings, as shown, before you see the login page.

If you see the first message shown, click "OK" to continue.

If you see the second message shown, click "Yes" to continue.

2. You will now be directed to the PenTeleData Unleashed login page. In the top left corner of the page, you will see the login area as shown.

If you are a PenTeleData Broadband customer, type your primary e-mail address in the "E-MAIL ADDRESS (Wi-Fi Username)" box and the corresponding e-mail password in the "password" box (circled in red).

If you are a registered PenTeleData Unleashed customer, type the e-mail address you used to sign up for "username," and the password you chose at that time.

If you are not a PenTeleData Broadband customer, click the "sign up For Free" link near the bottom of the login area as shown. Follow the prompts to complete the sign up process.
3. Once you complete the sign up or login process, you will see the following page. You should bookmark this page because you will need it to disconnect from PenTeleData Unleashed.

If you close this window or leave this page, you can get it back to the account management page to disconnect by going to http://www.ptdunleashed.com/control/
From this page, you are now connected to PenTeleData Unleashed and can now access the Internet.